Items of interest to complete the look

Model- Product Image Item Name Price
16-105 Fog Horn

Fog Horn


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16-100 Brass Ships Bell

Brass Ships Bell


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07-937 Colonial Tomahawk

Colonial Tomahawk


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07-492 Limber for Cannon

Limber for Cannon


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07-491 Civil War Cannon (Cannon Only)

Civil War Cannon (Cannon Only)


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07-101 Old West Bowie Knife

Old West Bowie Knife


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04-560 M1 Rifle Leather Scabbard

M1 Rifle Leather Scabbard


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04-559 Mauser Holster

Mauser Holster


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04-555 M1 Cartridge Belt Repro

M1 Cartridge Belt Repro


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04-554 Webley Holster

Webley Holster


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