B-2 Bomber Stealth ( 1/280) scale


  • B-2 (1/280)

    B-2 spirit was developed by the air forse as a replacement for the boeing B-52. this strategic penetration bomber is hard to spot on Radar because of it's shape and the use of radiation absorbent materials. Speed at high altitude is 475 mph with range o

    • Metalcraft by Blair    is presenting  for your inspection an   inexpensive alternative   to the top of our line Of ----Franklin Mint models

    ·         These models are mostly done in the 1:100 scale or smaller and they are die cast metal with plastic base

    ·         This product line is made by Model Power and does not have the delicate detail that the Franklin Mint models do.   ( Thus the wide difference in price.) For their size and low cost they are a real bargain . ON average the size of them are as follows: the fighters are about 6 inches ( wing tip  to  wing tip )  ---   Bombers are 8 inches  ( wing tip  to wing tip ).


    Metalcraft by Blair   uses them as add on items to things such as paper weights, and other items where a very small addition is needed to enhance the presentation..  We normally do not expect to sell them as a stand alone item ----but they are available if desired---  ( therefore we have a  no -- no-- return policy on them)

  • Model: 5387

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